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Pioneers looking to the future

Published on Thursday, 10 Feb 2011
Joseph Koc seeks staff who can look at the big picture and spot market trends.
Photo: Oliver Tsang

With aggressive growth plans in action, Jardine OneSolution (JOS) is hiring new talent for various departments to meet expansion needs and maintain its status as a pioneering technology company and leading provider of integrated IT solutions.

"This is an invaluable opportunity for candidates to see the company in action, as well as get the company in action - to participate in strategy formulation," says Joseph Koc, JOS director of strategic marketing. "We are looking for talent who can contribute to the company's future."

JOS is seeking sales and marketing specialists at all levels. Those chosen are given the opportunity to work in the company's head office in Hong Kong, where they will see how the company's business strategies are formulated and implemented.

The sales team at JOS serves a variety of clients for enterprise IT solutions, including the company's key corporate accounts and mid-market companies with fewer than 500 employees.

JOS, a member of the Jardine Matheson Group, has nine offices across Asia, offering integrated IT services and solutions in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Macau and the mainland.

"We take a different view on what marketing is about," Koc says. "Our company emphasises best-practice marketing. Therefore, we need talents who have a strategic mind, look at the big picture and are able to spot market trends promptly."

He says professionals who are consistently able to bring in fresh ideas and put them into practice will likely excel in marketing positions.

Applicants invited into the company's project management team will be responsible for vendor management and new products acquisition. Koc says the company will only hire candidates with the ability to understand the needs of customers and provide them with the necessary products and services.

He says JOS is looking for individuals who are dynamic, assertive and proactive.

"Applicants should be passionate about their job, have the desire to win and grow, eager to take challenges, possess a positive attitude, be assertive and forward-looking," Koc adds. To stand out, applicants should understand the company's background and business, and familiarise themselves with what the job entails.

"It is important that the applicants develop a liking for the job, where they will have a restless desire to succeed," Koc says.

"The company adopts a `play to win' corporate culture where we strive to do our best and have fun in areas we can win."

Chosen candidates will go through staff induction and will be offered a variety of on-the-job training, including providing them with business practices guidelines, and a chance to develop soft skills.

"We invest in our staff and would like to help them develop into future leaders of the company," Koc says.

JOS is seeking self-motivated staff with the readiness to commit and learn. "Our staff relate to customers every day - they are what the company is," Koc says.

Chance to travel

  • Jardine OneSolution is open to applications for various sales and marketing positions
  • Applicants must possess strong communication skills and business acumen
  • Relevant job experience is preferred but not necessary
  • Chosen candidates may be given the opportunity to work at other offices in Asia


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