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A platform to perform

Published on Friday, 25 Jan 2013
Vincent Luk, general manager of HR at the MTRC, says the company’s work culture is based on life-long learning.
Photo: MTRC

MTRC plans to hire over 1,600 new staff this year and give them the chance to unleash their full potential

The MTR Corporation (MTRC) is expanding its business at a considerable rate both locally and overseas, with plans including five new lines in Hong Kong, the development of transportation services in several mainland Chinese cities, and projects in Australia and Europe.

In line with these plans, the company intends to hire a large number of staff this year to add to its current headcount of 15,000 people in Hong Kong.

“In 2012 the MTRC recruited 1,500 new staff,” says Vincent Luk, the company’s general manager of human resources. “This year we expect to hire over 1,600 new staff in various disciplines to support our growth in Hong Kong and overseas, and to sustain the excellent service we currently provide.”

The MTR system in Hong Kong carries close to 4.9 million passengers a day and consistently delivers 99.9 per cent of journeys on time.

Positions available cover a wide range of areas including construction and engineering, train captains and station staff, maintenance, public relations, marketing, railway operations, new line projects, property, and overseas business.

“We are looking for people with commitment to join our team and help us with our unprecedented growth,” Luk says.

It is important for applicants to be dedicated to their careers and be eager to embrace change. “Staff should develop their own views, question the status quo, and be able to respond promptly to the changing business environment,” Luk says.

Good communication skills and teamwork are also basic requirements. Applicants should be positive, enthusiastic and self-motivated. They should be good listeners and pro-active in responding to customer needs.

Employees also have to embrace the company’s values and offer excellent services based on mutual respect with internal and external parties. In addition, they have to help the company create profit and community goodwill through continuous growth, innovation and improvement, all executed with an enterprising spirit.

Luk says that staff derive job satisfaction and pride from working for the MTRC because of its high standards of operations, customer service and cost efficiency, as well as its contributions to Hong Kong’s society and economy.

“We work as a team, putting customers and staff as our foremost priorities as we strive to be a leading multinational company that connects and grows communities with caring service. People are keen to work for the MTRC because they recognise it as a good employer and they will derive job satisfaction from their work,” Luk says.

“At the MTRC, apart from competitive pay and benefits, we offer a total reward system. Our commitment to staff embodies respect, understanding, communication and acknowledgement of their values. We encourage initiatives and reward success, build teamwork and enthusiasm, and foster the personal and professional growth of all our employees.”

To understand staff views and motivations, the company conducts 5,000 two-way communication sessions each year and, periodically, a staff-attitude survey. It introduced a Staff Suggestion Scheme and Work Improvement Teams to unleash staff potential and turn their enterprising spirit into innovative ideas.

Those joining the company will receive an induction on both corporate and divisional level that covers the company’s vision, mission and values, human resources policies, and other major topics.

The MTRC’s work culture is based on life-long learning in order to survive the challenges of a dynamic business environment while ensuring staff career development. It has invested in a wide range of training resources, such as self-paced, multimedia-learning facilities, and offers training in technical skills, core competencies and career development. Seminars and sharing sessions are also organised to provide the latest information available in the field.

“The corporation’s reputation for training and development is widely recognised. Over the years, we have received numerous awards for our management training and development, as well as operations training programmes,” Luk says.

The company offers fast-track career paths through its leadership pipeline, which is open to high-potential employees. There are also opportunities for international exposure and growth through investment projects in China, the UK, Sweden and Australia. Consulting projects can take staff all over the world and broaden their horizons.

To promote a good work-life balance, the MTRC organises many team and staff events. There are seminars on healthy living, while the Metro Recreation Club provides a venue for all kinds of sport activities and karaoke. Team-building events are organised to reinforce the MTRC’s values and family events increase cohesiveness and bolster team spirit.

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