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A position in operation and strategy consulting in the financial industry


Dear Career Doctor,

I would like to go for a career in operation and strategy consulting related to financial industry and would like to know the best step forward. (e.g. 
what company to go for and how?)

I graduated from a well known university in HK 4 years ago and since then work in auditing (big 4 firm), Finance and IT (a small company) and have tried to start a business with friends (finally does not start due to financial reasons).

I am currently working on a contract basis in the Finance department of an insurance company helping on system revamp.

I understand my resume looks jumpy but now I am determined to go for FI operation and strategy consulting. I have completed the HKICPA exams and hopefully will be qualified by Sep. I have also passed all 3 levels of CFA and have excellent Excel, VBA, SQL and some financial modeling skills.

What could be my step forward.(e.g. what company to go for and how?)

Thanks a lot in advance.