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Power of persuasion is key

Published on Friday, 05 Mar 2010
Book: You Need This Book to Get What You Want
Author: Mark Palmer and Scott Solder
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Imagine if you could confidently expect to get what you want without stomach-clenching nerves or  temper tantrums.

According to Mark Palmer and Scott Solder, authors of You Need  This Book to Get What You Want,  you and I can get people on our side instantly by applying the skills of effortless persuasion.

The authors are experts in human behaviour and interpersonal dynamics with long experience of helping clients from the worlds of business, media and governments.

While their text is helpful in a business context, it is also a boon for people who want to improve their private lives.

From nailing the jobs we want and getting our partners to give a damn, to obtaining the pay rises we deserve or getting the kids dressed and ready for school on time, Palmer and Solder say there are plenty of areas where we could all do with a little advice.

The writers' premise is that, to do this, we need to learn psychological techniques which, they swear, really work.

We also have to discard our old approaches to getting what we want, they say.

People don't seem to play by the rules any more - or, rather, they do, but the rules are entirely new. "There's a new world order," they say. "You need to know what it is but, more importantly, you need to know how to work in it."

Their first step is to give readers new strategies for the way in which they think, starting off by asking us to open ourselves to change and thinking about what we really want to achieve.

Every chapter in the book includes boxes entitled "do this" - containing questions that force us to challenge our thinking and behaviour and then analysing our likely responses.

We are also invited to try out our internal dialogue, adapt to change and think about what, deep down, we are trying to ignore. This is followed by a detailed list of persuasion techniques, ranging from getting connection via non-verbal signals to "making it hard to say no" and deciding when to be oneself, or "human", and when to put up a barrier or "be inhuman".

These, in turn, are applied to situations as diverse as how to get served at a packed bar ("get connection" or  "use your celebrity") to getting a promotion or pay rise ("be hugely human when you talk about yourself and why you need it").

They ask readers to practise and master these new techniques until they are as easy as riding a bike or driving a car. Rather than turning us into Machiavellian manipulators, they argue that these skills are more about being influential or persuasive.

"Life is all about getting other people to do things that work for you, and vice versa," they say.

"That's what society's all about ... that's how humans evolved and that's why you're alive today and reading this book. It's just about being successful."


Five insights

  • In today's world, getting what you want means constantly adapting  your behaviour to fit  each situation
  • The words you choose and the way you say them can persuade people without them realising
  • To get what you want, you need to work out what the other person wants first
  • Everyone likes credit. Give people some - but not too much
  • Getting personal or  getting impersonal can get you what you want too, depending on the situation

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