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Product champions win out

Published on Friday, 07 Dec 2012


Recruitment in the marketing industry remains strong. This is because no matter how bad an economic situation, marketers are still needed in a number of different areas.

If a company is about to launch a new product, it needs people who can effectively promote it. When a brand-new shopping mall opens, good marketers are required to draw shoppers’ attention to it. Even when a Chinese restaurant creates a new dim sum dish, it needs skilled people to promote how delicious it is.

Because of this demand, it is much easier for people to look for jobs in marketing compared to many other industries. Marketers with a couple of years of good industry experience do not have to worry too much about seeking employment.

Good language skills are definitely an advantage, especially if working in the tourism sector. Good communication skills and a creative mindset are also important. The best marketers always embrace new products and are devoted believers of “work hard, earn more”.

Edmond So Wai-chung, general manager, Besteam Personnel Consultancy
As told to Chiu Po-sze

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