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Profit for people and planet

Published on Friday, 01 Feb 2013

NGO Sector

Although pay and benefits among non-governmental organisations (NGOs) may not compare with those in the corporate world, NGOs have become more strategic in hiring and retaining talents, thanks to competition and salary benchmarking.

People in charge of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for NGOs and corporations may have different roles and strategies. A corporate CSR officer may focus on their various community initiatives, while an NGO equivalent may focus on corporate links through funding or sponsorship proposals. If funding is approved, the NGO CSR officer must work with the sponsor to plan and execute the initiative.

A CSR manager for an NGO typically follows a simple mantra: people, planet and sustainable profit. They must also be persuasive and have the ability to influence others, from CEOs to groups of volunteers.

Fern Ngai, chief executive officer, Community Business


As told to Chiu Po-sze



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