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Question :

I graduated with an IT degree and have worked in different industries for about 4 years. But I'm still in junior post. I aim to make a change develop my career. I am good at coordinating and organizing but lack of project management experience. I would like to take courses on this field. It seems PMP, PRINCE2 and AGILE are too IT-focused in HK. Please advise any steps I could take towards my goal. Thank you.

Posted by MC on Wednesday, 10 Apr 2013

Comments :

Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Thursday 9th May 2013 04:42:00 PM


To advance your career you need to have a clear plan of what your goals are, the personal skill sets that you are strong in, and the industry sector that interests you. Above these, you need to be determined to reach your goals. Your area of interest seems to be in the project / change management area. To become a project manager you need to have experience in this area and it is common for employers to request additional qualifications like PMP, Six Sigma or other similar project /change programs. There are two different paths you could proceed from here. The first is to move into a business analyst role within a company or a consulting firm and start to participate in projects. From here you can then further develop your expertise in change management. Many large global companies support their employees working in project roles to undertake Six Sigma certification. Depending on the type of business analyst role you take, will determine if it is more IT focused or not. The second option is to transition your career into the IT vendor side. Doing this will allow you to gain project co-ordination experience which can then further develop into project management. Furthermore, you will gain client facing exposure and the role will further develop your technical skills which is good given your IT Degree. The other benefits of working on the IT vendor side is you will find that the role has a good level of challenge and you will also gain a wider exposure of IT products and solutions. Finally, it is very important for you to identify your goals and stick to the career path and a particular company. Your career is a journey and like any journey it will have ups and downs and twist and turns along the way. The most important point is to ensure the company you are working for is committed to progressing your career in the direction you want it to go and if this is the case already, then the rest is up to you to work hard, manage change and issues that occur along the ways and stick on the journey that you originally selected.

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