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A property manager is a jack of all trades

Published on Thursday, 17 Nov 2011
Passy Wong Wai-chung
Photo: Thomas Yau

If you love helping others solve their problem, the job of a property manager might be right for you. "It is a property manager's duty to help tenants solve all sorts of problem - it can be a hygiene or security issue, or as simple as helping shoppers find their way in the mall," says Passy Wong Wai-chung (below), senior manager for leasing and management at Hang Lung Properties.

The demand for property management mainly comes from residential buildings, malls and offices. "We welcome degree holders of any discipline to join us as a property assistant. All the training is done on the job," says Wong. "An assistant will handle duties such as answering customer's enquires and leading the cleaning and security team to make sure the premises is clean and safe." 

Wong says candidates should be outgoing and flexible. "We work with people both externally and internally. We have to serve tenants from all walks of life and they will present you with all sorts of situations. You must stay positive and be committed to serve. Internally, you have to lead a team of cleaners and security guards. Being a good communicator is a must," Wong says. 

After two years, a property assistant can be promoted to officer grade, and they can choose to join the property, leasing or facility management branches. "Those with an engineering background can join facility management, which focuses on maintenance. The property branch is in charge of handling requests from tenants and leasing," says Wong. 

The officer grades include assistant officer, officer and senior officer. Outstanding officers can move up to be managers, who overlook the operation of all the three branches. 

Property management personnel are also employed at property management companies. 

Working hours depend on the type of property. It's usually 9am to 6pm for offices, while the starting time at malls is after 11am. "We work nine hours a day, five days a week but the days off are not necessarily weekends, and shift duty is required."

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