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Punchy presentation wins group title of best team

Published on Friday, 20 Apr 2012
Group Two’s winning members – (from left) Rebecca Ho, Selwyn Cheng, Daisy Lo and Herman Mok – prepare for their presentation.
Photo: ACCA

The judges at the ACCA Job Hunting Competition 2012 Hong Kong Final were so impressed by the well-structured business ideas, enhanced with eye-catching visuals, presented by Group Two that they awarded it the title of best team, an award that acknowledges the importance of teamwork.

"The content of Group Two's presentation was punchy," says Teresa Tso, a partner for financial services at Ernst & Young. "They clearly explained how sales of the French cosmetics company would grow if their recommendations were adopted. Their analysis was to the point, concise and clear."

Denny Chen, an audit partner at KPMG, agrees. "Group Two's presentation, from agenda-setting to the analysis and recommendations, was developed and structured with a high level of clarity," he says.

In a real business setting, an advisory team's success depends on how much it is able to engage the client with its business analysis and development plan, says another judge, Danny Kwan. "Group Two did really well. As the judges of the final, we assessed the contents of the teams' presentations from a client's point of view," says Kwan, a director of tax and China business advisory services, tax services, at PwC.

The members of Group Two are Daisy Lo Lok-man, a BBA student of accounting and finance at the University of Hong Kong, Herman Mok Chi-kit, who studies BBA in professional accountancy at Chinese University of Hong Kong, Selwyn Cheng Chun-hin, a BBA student of accounting at Hong Kong Baptist University, and Rebecca Ho Sum-yee, a BBA student of professional accounting at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

"Our team members met and discussed the division of anticipated tasks two weeks ago. We had a successful collaboration as we made an effort in getting to know each other well before the final," Mok says. "We also made prior preparations by looking at past years' cases and did research of PowerPoint templates."

Terence Yeung, managing director of TACSEN Management Consultants, says: "Although this year's finalists are from accounting and finance majors, they did not just focus on the financial aspect. Their presentations also encompassed business analysis and marketing strategies."

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