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Re-interviewing for my job

Question :

My company went through a merger 6 mths ago. I have been asked to re-interview for my position as senior accountant, next moth. I know the senior accountant from “the other company” is going to be re-interviewed as well. I am quite nervous because I think one of us is going to be made redundant. I will be interviewed by our MD, who I haven’t worked closely with. How can I better prepare myself for this interview?  Should I discuss the situation with my mgr?

Thank you

Posted by Kelvin on Friday, 18 Oct 2013

Comments :

Debbie Matson - Career Doctor

Posted Tuesday 19th November 2013 07:07:00 PM


Dear Kelvin You seem to be thinking clearly about this tough situation. First of all, yes, I think you should speak to your Manager. Ask for any feedback, and any suggestions regarding what you should be prepared to discuss in the interview. You should also do some reading and thinking about the newly combined company. Understand the mission and the goals of the new management. You will want to show that you share those goals. This is a good moment to reflect on your options, including how you will behave toward your co-workers and the message you send to your current and potential manager. No matter what happens, people will remember how you have handled this situation. Regarding your co-workers, try and show that you continue to work hard at your job, value the company and are a good team player. Don’t waste time and emotion gossiping and complaining about the change and the re-interview process. You will waste precious energy and potentially send a bad message to the new managers. Don’t worry about the other Senior Accountant, you cannot know how the situation will play out and you can only control your own actions in this situation. Your anxiety regarding the situation is understandable. The best thing you can do for yourself is to prepare for the interview, but also begin to consider your options in the event you are made redundant. This is a good time to get your CV and professional profile on social media/networks up to date. Preparing your CV and your on-line profile will help you think about how to present yourself in the interview. Consider your strengths, your recent accomplishments and what you enjoy doing most. This exercise will help you as you prepare for the interview. Additionally, in preparation for the interview, consider your interview skills and your personal presentation. If you haven’t interviewed in a long time, sit with a friend or trusted advisor and do a mock interview. Think about questions you may be asked and think through clear, focused answers. Grooming and professional dress can also help send your message. Consider what you will wear, do you need a haircut or a new shirt and tie. All these small acts will help you show that you are serious as a candidate and aid you in preparing and gaining confidence. Good luck in your interview!

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