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Ready to share the 'PwC Experience'


Each year, partners of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) take the opportunity to speak at the CPA Australia Career Expo as a proven, effective way to share their insights and connect with bright graduates and young professionals. It is also one way of demonstrating the firm's strong support for initiatives organised by CPA Australia.

"The format of the expo provides us with the opportunity to have direct conversations between PwC partners and attendees, so that participants can learn all about PwC in a more personal way. It is a good avenue for us to explain the unique 'PwC Experience', which incorporates a cross-generation and cross-line of service relationship based on sharing and collaboration," says Nora Wu, human capital leader, PwC Asia-Pacific.

PwC is one of the largest graduate recruiters in the world, and plans to hire 2,000 graduates in mainland China and Hong Kong in 2012/13.

Wu urges expo participants to demonstrate they have the capacity to be trained and developed, learn fast, work flexibly, develop insights and build lasting relationships.

"We are looking for well-rounded people with good communication skills and dependable problem-solving abilities. They must have the aptitude to lead and enjoy working with people, because our industry is very much a people industry - whether working internally or with clients," she adds.

Wu believes that, with these basic qualities and an enthusiasm for the industry, candidates can be further trained and developed to advance in their career.

PwC's comprehensive training programme for both graduate and experienced hires includes a three- to four-week orientation, followed by intensive on-the-job training and support. During this period, they will be familiarised with the company's culture and background, strategy, global network, and wide of array of services.