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Published on Friday, 10 Dec 2010
Photo: Bloomberg

Real estate projects are complex, as they involve huge amounts of investment and professionals from different fields. The University of Hong Kong's master of science degree in real estate provides people working in the sector with the latest industry updates and wise business practices.

"The programme introduces students to real estate assets and markets, within the overall framework of national, regional and urban economies," says programme director Dr Ng Fung-fai. "It provides students with a theoretical insight and the analytical skills to identify potentially viable real estate investments and real estate development opportunities. Students will also be taught the necessary management skills to understand and participate in functional and general management of enterprises active in real estate markets."

This programme is aimed at practitioners from the real estate and construction industries, but graduates from other disciplines are welcome. "Candidates who are interested in advancing their knowledge and career development in the real estate and construction industry are suitable to join our programme," Ng says.

The course requires applicants to have a bachelor's degree or a professional qualification, and membership of an appropriate professional body. For part-time study, applicants with at least two years of relevant work experience are preferred. Students will be required to do a written examination and course work for their assessment. The programme is recognised by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

Kenneth Wong, a student on the programme who used to work as an engineer and has an academic background in civil engineering and construction management, hopes to switch to real estate. "I gained theoretical and practical knowledge in real estate, and built up a good network with classmates of different nationalities, jobs and life experiences," Wong says. 

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