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Rocking roles for engineers

Geotechnical Engineering

Recruitment in the geotechnical engineering industry is currently very positive. Students often receive three or four job offers right after they graduate, with top students receiving even more.

The 10 major infrastructure projects announced by the former chief executive, Donald Tsang, are all at various stages of planning, design and implementation. This is the main reason why there are so many employment opportunities at the moment.

Graduates can also look for jobs opportunities in places such as India and the Middle East, where many large infrastructure projects are also currently underway.

The career path for graduates who join the industry is quite clear. After working at a company for three to four years and obtaining sufficient experience, they will try to get a licence to become a registered professional engineer (RPE). After qualification, they normally get promoted and are given pay rise.

The industry demands good teamwork. Employers look for both excellent interpersonal skills and solid technical knowledge, as both are important for success.

Dr Fiona C. Y. Kwok, assistant professor (geotechnical engineering), Department of Civil Engineering, University of Hong Kong
As told to Chiu Po-sze