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Routine role revamp

Question :

I am a software professional working in a MNC. My overall experience is 3.3 years in Document publishing and insurance policy designing.My age is 26 anyhow i will be getting promoted in my next cycle and will be fine enough with the job security. I am bored up of doing a normal MS-Word work on routine which a data entry operator does. I need a career change and i dont see my knowledge am gaining in this data entry work.

Thinking about the field which am interested in, I got the answer to be in business field rather than technical, since i cannot start any other technical work to start learning from scratch.

I believe to move into business sector with my 3.3 years of technical experience.

I have opted for M.B.A in systems elective in local university and expecting to finish by 2015.

Please advice on my career change and guide me on which function/industry would be relevant to my experience in business sector.

Areas of interest.
Business analyst.
Corporate administrative functions.
IT division of any industry.

Posted by ansari on Tuesday, 08 Apr 2014

Comments :

It's always a difficult situation to be in a role where you don't feel challenged and your are not enjoying your work. Thinking about what you want to do in your career is very important and this can take time. There are a number of things you need to consider to help make the right decision. The first is to think about what you are good at, what you enjoy and certain things you really don't like. Doing this will allow you to start to work out what types of roles will match your areas of strengths and things you enjoy. Once you have worked out the types of roles you believe are of interest to you, you then need to determine the background and skill sets you need to get into that industry/field. Talking to people who currently work in the role that you want is a good idea as this will mean you gather information on how to make the right move from the relevant people. You are early in your career so you have the ability to make a career change. In making a career change, you do need to be realistic and honest to yourself about the move and look at this from an employer's point of view to determine if you will be successful in securing a position. If you are not realistic, the process can become demoralising and frustrating when you are not successful in receiving offers for positions you have applied to. You mention that you are thinking about doing an MBA. I believe you need to think about this carefully. An MBA is relevant for people who have a reasonable level of experience and can help develop their careers. Doing an MBA can be expensive and time consuming, so you need to determine if this is good use of your time and money. Depending on the sector and type of role, an MBA is not necessarily going to get you the job you want. Experience is what will help you, so you need to determine how you can gain this experience. If you are realistic, have clarity about what you want to do and take it step by step, you will be successful in changing your career.

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