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Score A Native English Teaching Position in Hong Kong

Published on Friday, 31 Jul 2015
Score A Native English Teaching Position in Hong Kong

There is a large demand for English teachers in Hong Kong. If you’ve ever thought about it, now would be an excellent time to get a job teaching English in Hong Kong. There are plenty of jobs and Hong Kong also has the highest wages for English teachers in Asia. Full-time jobs in a language center can bring in as much as $20,000 a month. Those brought in as part of the government’s Native-speaking English Teacher (NET) Scheme programme start at $30,000 per month and receive a generous stipend for room and board. Now the next step is how to score a native English teaching position in Hong Kong!

The NET Scheme was designed to enhance the teaching of the English language and to increase student exposure to English. The main goals of the schemes are to provide an authentic environment for children to learn English and develop their confidence using English for communication. It’s also important for children to develop innovative learning and teaching methods, materials, curriculum, and activities suited to the needs of local students. The NET scheme also aims to promote the professional development of teachers and encourage effective networking amongst schools. 

If a teacher wants to join the NET programme, there are strict qualifications that must be met which include a bachelor’s degree in English or completion of a recognised teacher training qualification. For those who don’t meet said qualifications of the NET scheme, there are other ways to score a native English teaching job in Hong Kong. Sending out as many resumes as possible is the only way to ensure a teaching job outside of the NET scheme.

For those looking to apply for an English teaching job through the government NET scheme, there is an application process which has 5 stages:

1.    Apply and go through an initial screening which includes a review of a candidate’s CV, application form, reference checks, and a criminal background check. 
2.    Take part in a video interview by the Hong Kong Education Bureau and complete a written test. The written test must be done in person and often takes place in January. 
3.    Wait for the qualifications review process. Proof of education, including transcripts, are submitted after a successful interview for review and assessment to ensure criteria is met. 
4.    After qualifications are confirmed, a qualified candidate will be accepted into the pool for review by all schools needing teachers. Teachers who rank higher on the educational score, interview score, and written test are more likely to be selected first. This usually happens by the end of March, assuming all necessary documents have been provided. 
5.    Complete second round of interview with the schools that may wish to hire them. This is often to make sure that the teacher has the specific skills that are being sought and also allows the teacher to ask specific questions about the hours, days of work, expectations, and requirements at each particular school. 

Once hired, the school will help to arrange housing and help the teacher settle into their new life in Hong Kong so it's important that the teacher and school feel comfortable with each other. The entire NET scheme process from start to finish can take several months. 

Landing a teaching job in Hong Kong with or without the NET scheme will prove to be quite enjoyable. Since Hong Kong is such an international hub and also a former British territory, there is always a need for English teachers. Education and teachers are highly respected so students tend to be extremely well behaved. It should be noted, however, that since this was a British territory, English teachers will be expected to know how to modify American spelling and grammar to meet British standards. Of course, living in Hong Kong can be quite spendy, but one of the best ways to survive in this extremely expensive and competitive city is to teach English. 

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