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Search for 12 tough experts to help keep HK slopes safe

Published on Friday, 03 Feb 2012
The GEO staff in action at their slope-safety monitoring centre.
Photo: CEDD

Geotechnical engineers
Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD)

Geotechnical engineers with a background in civil engineering or geology are sought to provide innovative and safe solutions for Hong Kong's many slopes.

The Geotechnical Engineering Office(GEO) of the government's CEDD is recruiting 12 staff who have the right knowledge and experience.

Applicants should also possess outstanding soft skills and high emotional intelligence, says Pun Wai-keung, deputy head of the GEO.

"We need team players who co-operate well with others, are enthusiastic and cope well with change," he says.

Applicants should hold professional qualifications and have a minimum of four to five years' work experience in a consultancy or private operation.

"We have many applicants whenever we hire, because a government position offers fairly stable employment, and our office is very well known," Pun says.

"We get many visitors from abroad who want to learn about how we manage slope safety," he adds.

Another attraction of the job is the element of public service in the form of ensuring safety for Hong Kong people.

The job is varied, from landslip prevention to providing geotechnical services for infrastructure development, as well as the geotechnical audit of government and private development projects.

Applicants should also be able to cope with challenges, as they have to be on alert for landslides year round.

Emergency teams are on call 24 hours and are mobilised whenever a landslide warning is posted by the Hong Kong Observatory.

They have to be stationed at the emergency control centre, ready to go on location and advise the public and police on possible evacuation.

"The situation can be very challenging," says Pun, adding that team members must routinely listen to complaints from the public, which requires an ability to cope with stress and highly emotional situations.

The office offers seminars to fulfil the continuing professional development requirements, as well as technical workshops and training in soft skills.

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