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Seeking for senior positions

Question :

I have over 20 years of human resources and administration experience, and now reach the age of mid of 50's.  I am seeking for senior positions like Chief Executive, or Director of HRM, however,limited posts are advertised.  I also have 1 bachelor and 1 MBA degree.  If such posts are open via executive search, how I contact those agencies?  I have also left my CV to some employment agencies but no response. Thanks for your comemnts.

Posted by Fruit Punch on Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013

Comments :


Posted Tuesday 3rd September 2013 06:06:45 PM


When you read Fruit Punch's questions, you can already known that he/she is not the type of people to be sit on board level or acting as a CEO of an organization...

Robert White

Posted Saturday 31st August 2013 12:02:00 AM


Wow Sidney! You could not be more on target and helpful. When I first read this job hunt posting, I thought it might be a joke. You were kind to also leave out criticism of the weak grammar and misspelling!

Sidney Yuen - Career Doctor

Posted Friday 30th August 2013 06:09:00 AM


I read your letter with interest. Having over 20 years of HR and administration experience and looking for a CEO or head of HR position, you have either wasted your last 20 years in HR or enjoyed the traditional HR/administration work. The university degrees mean nothing at your stage of career. And at your age, the employer would wonder why they would want to recruit someone like you when a 30 year old executive can do a better job with half of the salary that you expect. Let’s have a reality check here, and ask yourself the following questions to see if you are really in the game. Why should they consider you? What value would you bring to the organization? The evidence clearly shows that most HR practices are ineffective, we have mis match of positions, outdated thinking on performance appraisals, and most people are not happy with their jobs. What can you do to change this? What kind of CEO position do you aspire to? Do you have proven experience in managing an organization with strategic thinking? One of the reasons why most of HR managers fail is that they treat their HR process too simplistic without realizing that the organization system is a complex, distributed framework. There are many articles written on the new role of HR; topics such as the impact of social media, the changing expectation of our younger workforce, ways to keep and retain talent are on top of the business leaders’ agenda. Do you have a view on this? And how would you address these issues? For example, our younger generation workers are impatient, they want control, they speak their minds and they don't respect status quo. What kind of tools do you offer so that we keep these folks happy and engaged? My views of a "perfect" HR partner are that he/she 1. engages talent fully by giving them some share of ownership; 2. outsources all HR administrative tasks and reduces HR cost significantly; 3. stays closer to the customers by providing social media and self-service tools; 4. works with leadership to ensure alignment on culture, language, image and innovation and 5. dismantles out dated HR practices and builds new ones such as reverse mentorship, dynamic performance review, and social entrepreneurship Do you have what it takes to tackle the above with integrity, vigor and courage? If you said yes, then you have an excellent chance, even if they don't hire you, you can always set up a business to sell your expertise to your clients. Good luck!

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