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Sell yourself a healthy career

Published on Thursday, 31 May 2012

Medical Equipment Sales

The equipment and electronics industry pays well, especially for top salespeople. It also seems more resilient than most sectors, not least because it supplies real answers to real needs. No matter what happens in the markets, these needs remain constant.

Positions focused on specialised areas are always in demand. Medical and imaging technology is enjoying significant growth and innovation as new treatments are discovered and rolled out globally. Salespeople open to and capable of learning specialised knowledge are always sought after.

Junior sales staff do not always need professional knowledge. Firms can train those with suitable attributes, such as the right personality, a positive mindset, a drive to succeed, intelligence and willingness to learn in a specialised field. They must be self-starters who deliver on sales targets.

However, knowledge of the industry commands higher rewards – up to 20 per cent more in salary is possible for those who show practical knowledge. Firms run graduate recruitment events at universities to seek the right candidates. Although science and engineering graduates are most likely to be chosen, personality plays a large part in staff selection so those with enthusiasm can give it a try.

David Whitaker, managing director, Asia, Nakama Hong Kong
As told to Chiu Po-sze

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