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Sellers will always be sought

Published on Friday, 16 Nov 2012

Sales and Marketing

In the evergreen industry of sales and marketing, talented staff are always in great demand. Fluctuations in the global economy only ever have a slight effect on the sector. When the economy is bad, companies still need people to help promote their products. Recruitment, therefore, generally remains positive.

Staff turnover rates, however, are quite high, influenced by factors such as the long and irregular working hours, low basic salary and intense pressure. This, of course, helps maintain a healthy supply of job opportunities in the industry.

Sales and marketing is not an industry for everyone. Quiet and introverted individuals are unlikely to succeed. Those who are aggressive, talkative, outgoing, persistent, good communicators – and, it’s fair to say, have a good appearance – stand a much better chance in the industry.

Alexa Chow, managing director, Centaline Human Resources Consultants
As told to Chiu Po-sze



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