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Seminar focuses on unlocking potential

Published on Thursday, 20 May 2010
Illustration: Bay Leung

Some people just seem blessed with the ability to get ahead, accomplish more and, somehow, still maintain a good work-life balance. But the fact is, with a little thought and attention, there is nothing to stop any of us doing exactly the same.

We can move up the career ladder, achieve our personal goals and find the path to fulfilment and lasting happiness. All it takes is an understanding of a few key principles, plus the willingness and determination to practise them.

These "secrets" will be discussed in detail at a special career-building seminar hosted by Classified Post on June 9. The event - the first in a series - will focus on ways to unlock one's potential by creating a better work-life balance. Expert speakers will also offer advice, insights and practical examples to illustrate how health, exercise, family and friendships are essential elements in a well-rounded and successful lifestyle.

"One of the best starting points is to realise the importance of good time management," says Stanley Suen, director of Recruitment Services at the South China Morning Post. "There may be only 24 hours in the day, but you can always achieve more if you have self-discipline and devise a system that works for you."

Suen says that everyone can develop "tricks" that make it possible to do their jobs more efficiently. In his case, these include using on-screen folders to assign each day's priorities and setting up a calendar reminding him when to monitor aspects of business performance.

"These are not necessarily big things, but they mean I am prepared for day-to day tasks and don't waste time getting the information I need," he says. "Also, I used to have things endlessly going round in my head, which made it difficult to sleep. Having a system helps me set targets and achieve results, and there is the positive psychological impact of completing set assignments by the end of the day."

Winnie Chiu, a senior consultant with Right Management and a speaker at the seminar, agrees that good time management is fundamental to having a proper work-life balance. She also notes that everything starts with the individual, yet people often fail to appreciate how much they can change or to see where decisions will lead.

"It is all your choice," she says. "You have to understand the consequences of your actions and realise that, by taking the right steps, you can develop positive energy that follows through in everything you do."

Chiu plans to show seminar participants the importance of developing one's own rules to keep four dimensions - mental, physical, spiritual and emotional - in balance. More about the seminar will follow next Friday in fuel.

Keys to success

Serenity to find calm and a sense of well-being

Exercise to be in good physical shape

Love of one's job and family

Food to choose which nutrients we ingest

Event details

Date June 9

Time 7pm-9:15pm

Venue Cliftons Quarry Bay Centre

Fee Free

Language Cantonese

Registration deadline June 2



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