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Senior advisers are wanted

With the purchase of Calibre Asset Management, the Hong Kong branch of National Australia Bank (NAB) has expanded into wealth management.

Also, as a result of the acquisition, several vacancies have opened up for financial advisory positions and banking sales.

"We are looking to fill senior financial adviser positions at Calibre immediately," says Michael Murphy, acting general manager, NAB Hong Kong.

"Further hires are likely to follow towards the end of the year."

It will be important for appointees to have a detailed understanding of their clients to offer education, advice and investment solutions that best balance risk and return.

"We are looking for individuals who genuinely want to act in the best interest of clients," Murphy says.

"They must want to develop a long-term career in this industry, rather than just maximise their short-term salary."

He says the bank values team players who strive to make a positive contribution to the workplace.

Candidates should possess an entrepreneurial flair and have a minimum of six to 10 years of relevant experience.

They should also be able to show team leadership skills, and be fluent in Cantonese and English.

"As an AA-rated bank, we expect AA-rated candidates who will be proud of where they work and the people they work alongside," Murphy says.