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ShineWing seeks 50 experienced accountants to support expansion needs

Published on Saturday, 29 Nov 2014
Amingo Tang
Photo: Gary Mak

Professional services firm targets those with strong commitment to achievement.

While China’s manufacturing sector has faltered in recent months, raising concerns about a wider economic slowdown, it is business as usual for mainland-headquartered professional services firm ShineWing.   

Amingo Tang, deputy managing partner at ShineWing (HK) CPA, says that regardless of economic uncertainties and business fluctuations, accountants at the firm are kept busy helping clients with the various aspects of their businesses activities. “Different business cycles create a demand for different professional services,” she says. 

 ShineWing’s work covers areas including mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, risk advisory, restructuring, liquidation, consultancy and forensic accounting, Tang says.  It also helps mainland clients expand their businesses beyond  China.   

However, the biggest demand by far is for accountants to work on auditing assignments. “We are always looking to recruit CPAs [certified public accountants] with auditing experience to support our internal and external expansion needs,” Tang says.  

 ShineWing’s Hong Kong office, which has about 250 employees, is looking to hire about 50 experienced accountants, as well as a number of junior staff. “There are a lot of opportunities being created for our company, which means there is also exciting opportunities for our employees,” Tang says.  

ShineWing (HK) CPA was established in 2005, when Hong Kong-based CPA firm Ho and Ho & Company merged with ShineWing Certified Public Accountants in Beijing. In doing so, ShineWing became the first mainland CPA firm to serve clients in both China and Hong Kong, and is also the largest. With headquarters in Beijing, ShineWing has  offices throughout the mainland and in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Japan. In China, the firm employs about 4,000 staff and is one of the largest CPA firms in the region behind the Big Four. In Hong Kong, ShineWing is ranked seventh in terms of listed clients.  

While other accounting firms search for similar high-quality talent, Tang says ShineWing offers a unique employee proposition, including the opportunity to work with mainland companies to gain technical knowledge and practical experience. “Many Hong Kong accountants are looking for solid China exposure so they can gain first-hand insights into the mainland business culture and operating processes,” Tang says. 

Employees also get the chance to work with companies of all sizes and types – from privately held, to multinational and publicly listed entities – through ShineWing’s pooling system, which enables employees to work in different teams.  

Tang says ShineWing looks for diversity in candidates. While a recognised degree is always a requirement, candidates do not necessarily need an accounting background. The firm also looks to recruit professionals with business, finance, IT and industry-specific skills. Candidates with MBAs are also sought-after.  

In addition to strong technical knowledge and soft skills, it is vital that candidates have a commitment to achieving in a challenging, but rewarding, environment. “We seek people who are not simply looking for a job, but want to grow professional and personally,” Tang says. 

She adds that in a profession renowned for its long hours and periods of intense work, ShineWing is committed to providing a nurturing and pleasant working environment.  

When hiring accountants for senior roles, the firm makes a concerted attempt to make the joining process as smooth and welcoming as possible, Tang explains. The company has a buddy programme in place to help newcomers get to know and bond with other team members. The firm’s partners are also on hand to provide new team members with guidance.  

 To help  staff adapt to changes, the firm constantly looks to introduce different kinds of initiatives and appropriate training courses. It also occasionally announces an extra one-day holiday, as it did earlier in September, to give staff extra time to recharge. “We usually announce it just a day or two in advance, which comes as a very welcome surprise,” Tang says. 

ShineWing also supports work-life balance though its “Sound Body, Sound Mind” programme, which provides staff with opportunities to participate in sport, recreational and social activities.  

 Voluntary work through ShineWing’s corporate social responsibility initiatives is encouraged to enrich personal growth and boost staff motivation. “We believe colleagues who are able to enjoy a versatile working environment, and have the time to recharge their batteries while they spend meaningful time with their families, will perform better, and most importantly, enjoy their work,” Tang says. 

Balanced approach

Amingo Tang shares five qualities needed to succeed in accounting

Versatility “The accounting industry is becoming more complex and demanding. Whether experienced or new to the profession, accountants need to be versatile and prepared to invest in their career, while recognising they are working in a challenging industry.”

All-round skills “To succeed, accountants at every stage of their careers need to work on strengthening their soft skills, such as communication, as well as the technical skills.”

Curiosity “Accountants working for ShineWing have excellent exposure to mainland businesses, which allows them to develop valuable knowledge and insights.”

Collaboration “Teamwork is not just something we talk about. We encourage our staff to share their views and opinions on any topic, and there will always be a senior person who will listen and respond.”

Ambition “Staff can grow with us, as ShineWing grows across the industry. We invest heavily in our people, but we do expect high standards.” 

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