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Should I apply for MT programme?

Question :

Dear Career Doctor,

I graduated with a degree in business in a reputable university overseas last year. I majored in HR and marketing. After graduating, I took up a role in a financial services firm in client services. With little interest in their services, I left the job after 3 months and secured a 3-month graduate internship in human resources. The job went well and I liked it. The firm offered me a permanent role by the end of my 2nd month. However, I turned down the offer and left the role because the offer was below market rate. At the same time when they offered me the permanent role, I got another offer from a branding agency. I accepted their offer instead and have worked with them for 3 months now. I am enjoying the work. Yet, it is a small branding company in Hong Kong. Even though it has operations around the world, I am worried that the exposure I gain here may not enable me to progress fast and may fall behind when compared to other recent graduates. I know that my resume looks jumpy and I should not look for another job in a short while. However, a marketing role from one of my favorite companies is now accepting applications (a management trainee position). The job function is appealing and I am very interested in the services that the company provides. I am struggling if I should apply. As it is with a reputable company, the role offers great exposure and attractive package. At the same time, as it is a management trainee position, if I missed the opportunity this year, I will not be qualified to apply next year (they only accept applications from recent graduates). The interview procedure is lengthy, so by the time all stages of the interviews finish, I would have stayed in my current role for 8 months at least. Should I take another move again and apply the position?

Posted by April Leung on Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013

Comments :

Howard Chan - Career Doctor

Posted Tuesday 10th December 2013 05:10:00 PM


Dear April, Thank you for your submission. Choosing an ideal job in the market can always be a tricky process and no doubt there are always opportunities that would entice you to look for jobs with a better title, salary, career prospects and company brand. In consideration of your career move, my advice to you is to first decide on the direction that you would like to take in your career. Rather than looking at the brand of the company and the attractive management trainee opportunity, you would need to critically assess whether this management trainee role would allow you to excel in the area of expertise that you would like to develop in your career. For example, with your background, is this a profession in Human Resources or Marketing? If the answer is no, then I would suggest that you stay with your present company to develop a track record of success. If the answer is yes, then I would advise that you make one more move with the expectation of staying in the company for at least two to three years. What you need at this stage of your career is to build your skill set and gain some solid experience by making a commitment with your employer. Generally, it is not advised that you change jobs too many times throughout the early stages of your career as employers value loyalty and commitment to the company. In addition, to develop a track record of success and have a strong foundation of skills and experience, you will need to invest time with your employer. An additional tip that I could share with you is that employers look at both the brand that you work for as well as your skill set. Even though your current company is a small company, if you can develop a strong track record of success, you could also qualify to apply for other larger or more esteemed brands in the medium to long term. Have a think about the items mentioned above and if you have further questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I would be happy to elaborate further. Best of luck. Howard.

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