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Should I change my career into project managing?

Question :

In the Hong Kong setting, is Project Management a prospective area to dive into as I'm looking to explore career change options.

As well, I don't have an IT education/work background, will this been seen as a disadvantage?  I do however have experience communicating requirements from Business users to IT development and am technologically savvy.

I'm looking into certifications/further part-time education on project management, any reference/suggested materials I can refer to?

Posted by Andie on Monday, 21 Oct 2013

Comments :

Sidney Yuen - Career Doctor

Posted Thursday 7th November 2013 06:07:00 PM


Dear Andie Project management is key to success in any organization. It embraces attitudes, skills and knowledge for leadership positions. A manager, disregard of his/her position, must acquire project management skills which involve objective setting, baseline controlling, resource planning such as budget, time and people required and usage of various tools. It sounds simple. Yet, evidence shows that most managers lack these critical skills and appropriate tools – most projects fail because of the incompetency of soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, presentation, conflict management, negotiation etc. Andie, I don’t know what you do in your career. However, you don’t need to have an IT education/work background to be a good project manager. You seem to have good soft skills. I would suggest that you get yourself certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) issued by a global project management professional body called Project Management International (PMI). The process involves an attendance of a 4 day intensive course followed by a test to ensure that you have the full understanding of project management fundamentals. Alternatively there are degree and diploma courses on project management offered by numerous universities in Hong Kong. I also suggest that you read Tom Peter’s book, “project 50 – reinventing work: fifty ways to transform every task into a project that matters.” He explains how to develop ‘wow’ projects and claims that all companies are going in the direction of using projects as their fundamental work unit. It is an idea packed, easy and fun to read book. Having said that, there are boring projects and there are cool and fun projects, pick those you enjoy and make them ‘wow’. They are out there, all you have to do is find them and then work on them. Recently, one of my associates volunteered to form a project team to create better employee experience by reinventing the format of the company picnic, it turned out to be one of the most creative projects that had great impact to employee satisfaction. She assembled a team, motivated the team members and set a challenging goal of 100% participation, then achieved it and we all celebrated. Just imagine if we have motivated team members who do great projects in our organizations, now that's real leadership in action. Welcome to the project world.

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