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Should I resign?

Question :

I’ve worked at my company for forever so to speak and everyone has moved on to greener pastures. Is it a good time to make a change? How do you know when you should leave? I don’t want to start blending into the wallpaper but I also have reservations about leaving my comfort zone. There is such a thing as “last in, first out” syndrome, right?


Posted by ben on Friday, 12 Jul 2013

Comments :

Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Saturday 27th July 2013 03:57:55 AM


Changing jobs is a big decision and there are many factors that should be considered before making any decisions. You mentioned that everyone in your business has moved onto “greener pastures”. It is important to remember that the “grass is not always greener” when you move to a new position. Every job will have its elements that you will enjoy and some elements that you will find challenging, frustrating, or boring. You need to develop a list of areas that you like and dislike about your current role. After developing a detailed understanding about your current role, you can start interviewing for other positions. This will help you understand what is out there in the market that suits your particular skill set. During the interview process, it is vital that you ask a lot of questions regarding the role, the company, career progression and other factors that are important to you, so that you can start comparing your thoughts of the future position to your current position. You also need to remember that in your current company, you have a personal brand and reputation. When you move, you need to re-establish this and prove yourself to the new business. For some companies there is a syndrome called “last in, first out” and the reason why this happens is if the company needs to make reductions they might potentially remove people that are new to the business as they would rather keep those people who are established performers and have a track record of success with the company. The decision to move can only be made by you. Once you have done your research and compared the strengths and weaknesses of your current role with the new position and combined this with your “gut feeling” as to what opportunity is right for you, will you be able to decide on your future career.

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