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Should I study to become an actuary?

Question :

I keep hearing about how being an actuary is one of the best jobs in the world. I was quite good at maths when I was at school and was thinking about studying for the actuarial exams, mainly because pay in my sector (publishing) is not great. Do insurers take on older trainees with no actuarial qualifications? If not, how many exams would I have to pass before I would be considered as a candidate?

Posted by Ferguson on Saturday, 13 Dec 2014

Comments :

If you want to know how to become an actuary, you can find out from the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong. From your question, though, it seems there is a deeper issue than just seeking a job that will give you a higher salary.

You need to ask yourself what drives you. Is it just money or is there something else? What are your strengths? You mentioned that you were good at maths at school. 

Who are you and what do you believe? 

A friend of mine was frustrated at work and had to drag himself out of bed every morning. He had to pay his mortgage and his job gave him the necessary finance to keep up with his cost of living. But he was not happy. 

He was a qualified accountant at a sizable company. Although he could do a good job, he felt there must be another way to achieve the same goal. 

He spent a day in a quiet place writing down his “feel-good” activities. He wrote things such as helping children to learn, solving problems and developing solutions. He listed what he is good at, things such as analytic skills, problem-solving and attention to detail. As a clearer picture emerged, he realised he should find an alternative career. 

He took a part-time degree course in education and is now a teacher, making a difference in students’ lives.

We do not need to depend on others to define us; once you are able to convince a potential employer that what you do would benefit them, then the chances are significantly higher of securing a career you truly enjoy that satisfies your financial needs.

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