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Should I take the plunge for a contract job?

Question :

I have been working as a secretary in my company for 8 years and I’m interested in exploring the HR field. I have done a part-time HR course. Now I have an opportunity to work as an HR assistant, but it is only a contract role. Should I take it or not? Thought it’s a good opportunity, I am afraid I might regret giving up my permanent job for a 6-month contract role. And if I find that I don’t like to be in HR after this contract job, will it look bad on my CV? 

Posted by Betty on Friday, 23 May 2014

Comments :

Dear Betty, There is a lot to think about here. First ask yourself how you feel about your current role. Are you ready to leave the job? What do you like and don’t like? Think about the job itself, the work environment, the hours and the people. If you like the place and the people, is it possible to explore HR opportunities within your company. Does your management know that you have gone to an HR course? You may want to prepare a CV and an update of your education for your own manager and see if you can begin your HR journey in a comfortable place. So many people look for new jobs without considering the options that may exist in their own company. If that is an attractive idea for you I think you should look into it. Regarding the risk of a contract job, can you afford to take the risk of going for a new contract role or do you need the stability of a permanent job? What is your financial and personal situation? Note that of course, in any new job there will be a probation period and to that extent, all new jobs are contracts until you are confirmed. Contract jobs are very good opportunities for people like you looking to extend into a new role or for people trying to up tier their industry experience. I don’t think that a perspective employer will take a negative view of a contract role if you are honest in explaining your motivations for taking it. You do have 8 years in your current position, so you have already demonstrated stability. Don’t feel that you have to take this specific role. It won’t be the only HR opportunity for you. In our market there are many opportunities for people with work experience, education and motivation. If you are really hesitating, take the time to network and look for the right thing for you.

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