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Social media spurs demand

Published on Thursday, 20 Oct 2011

The second half of 2011 has been turbulent across various sectors as hiring sentiment in certain camps has been affected by fears of another global recession.

However, opportunities across sales and marketing have grown consistently through 2011 as global companies continue to expand their footprint in Asia.

As social media becomes a more mainstream marketing channel, there has been a notable demand for professionals in client relationship management, marketing analytics and digital marketing. Employers, both on the vendor and in-house sides, are seeking marketing professionals with strong knowledge and experience in both digital and traditional marketing.

On the sales side, opportunities exist for candidates with regional experience or exposure to the mainland. Sales opportunities across travel retail, domestic and wholesale, in both B2C and B2B, are on the up as brands compete to gain ground and establish themselves.

The market is characterised as candidate-driven but employers remain selective, opting for candidates with stable backgrounds, strong language skills - in particular, Mandarin - and those who have a clear area of specialisation, be it in market knowledge or a sales channel.

Jennifer Wong, division manager, sales & marketing and retail, Links Recruitment

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