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Solid base for building jobs

Published on Friday, 05 Oct 2012


With many construction and renewal projects currently under way or about to start, the construction industry in Hong Kong remains robust.

According to the government’s budget for 2012-13, some 75,000 public-rental flats will be built over the next five years. Another 5,000 flats will be provided under the My Home Purchase Plan. Old industrial areas are also being renewed in order to release more sites for residential and commercial development. With all this happening, the demand for construction professionals will stay high.

Hong Kong’s proximity to the mainland is also a factor. Companies often seek professionals from Hong Kong to help with construction projects on the mainland. Candidates with a proven track record of mainland work experience and the ability to speak fluent Putonghua are especially popular. Those who want to develop a career in the mainland are advised to learn to speak Mandarin well.

Kerrie Doran, director, Michael Page International
As told to Chiu Po-sze