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Stand out from the crowd and secure a promotion

Published on Thursday, 10 Feb 2011

Whether you have been overlooked for a promotion or ignored for an assignment, being invisible at work can be frustrating and could negatively impact your career prospects. What can you do to ensure that you will be considered for a promotion?

Andrew Morris, Managing Director, Greater China, Robert Half International, offers some useful guidance on how to stand out and increase your visibility at work.

Highlight your efforts to your manager
Your manager has significant influence over your chances of a promotion. Make sure he or she is aware of the contributions you are making at work by scheduling regular meetings to discuss your recent achievements and progress. Do not assume your manager is aware of your ambitions—discuss your long-term plans with them and show you are keen to grow within the company and take on new responsibilities.

Broaden your network
Cultivate a presence and expand your network at the office. You may learn of internal opportunities you would otherwise be unaware of or meet someone who can provide insight into the type of position you are seeking. Networking will allow you to boost your visibility, increasing the likelihood that you will be considered when a position becomes available.

Know your weaknesses
Before seeking a promotion, assess your abilities. Do not simply concentrate on your strengths; address weaknesses that may affect your chances of promotion. Volunteer to help with activities involving your areas of weakness to demonstrate your willingness to improve. If you lack the required qualifications for a more senior role, you may need to upgrade your skills through further education.

Show initiative
Prior to meetings, review the agenda to establish where you can provide input. Voice your opinions to demonstrate interest. Taking on tasks outside your primary duties, especially those nobody seems to want, is a good way to increase your visibility and demonstrate commitment. 

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