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Steady, solid career track

Published on Thursday, 22 Mar 2012

Given its stability, Hong Kong's testing and certification industry offers a reliable career track. In fact, the Task Force on Economic Challenges established in 2008 by Hong Kong's Chief Executive has cited it as one of the city's six new economic pillars with an enormous development potential. The group also recommended the setting up of the Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification to enhance professional standards and the industry's international status, and to explore more business opportunities.

To support the development of the local testing industry, the Government Laboratory has also lined up various initiatives, including proficiency test programmes. Hence, the industry is expected to generate more job opportunities ahead.

Another plus for the sector in terms of generating local jobs is that it is hardly affected by external factors, largely due to the constant and stable demand for testing and certification no matter how the economy performs.

The industry covers many areas - such as food and pharmaceuticals, biomedical and nutrition sciences, textiles, electrical engineering, and product testing - so young people will definitely find it interesting.

However, they must enhance their knowledge in various areas if they want to pursue a career in this industry. It will surely boost their competitiveness and job prospects.

Felix Chan, vice-chairman, Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification

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