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Step back in time

Published on Friday, 13 Aug 2010
Photo: Jonathan Wong

History buffs wanting to learn about Hong Kong's rich heritage can do so at the Chinese University. The department of history offers a master of arts degree in comparative and public history, giving students a chance to learn and share their interest in the subject.

Professor Cheung Sui-wai, the programme's director, says the course is not for students pursuing a career in history.

"We teach our students to appreciate the people and culture of Hong Kong. Many of our students have well-established careers as accountants, lawyers, doctors and engineers, and some work for the government. These students have no educational backgrounds in history, but join the course mainly out of interest," he says.

However, the programme is also beneficial for those who want to pursue a career in museums, or in culture. "Some of our students want to work in museums and we provide courses in managing museums and heritage resources," he says.

To allow students to have a better understanding of history, there are several field trips to sites in Hong Kong, the mainland, Macau and Europe.

"There is plenty of field research for students. For example, if we were to learn about the Bun Festival, we will visit Cheung Chau during the festival to let students see for themselves what it is like," Cheung says.

Lecturers on the course comprise university academics, former or current curators, and a cultural columnist.

Applicants should hold a bachelor's degree from a recognised university. Degrees from all disciplines are welcome.

The course is held over one year, full-time, or two years, part-time. Classes are mainly held on weekday evenings and Saturdays.

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