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Talent mobility key to sector

Published on Thursday, 03 Mar 2011

Hotels, airlines and other tourism-related companies have been expanding portfolios and are

engaging professionals across the Asia-Pacific region.

The gaming sector continues to attract large numbers, with several projects in Macau due to come online later this year. In aviation, airlines based in Hong Kong should continue to see further growth and expansion - so long as fuel prices remain manageable - which will provide another employment avenue for those interested in the sector.

Meanwhile, a few landmark hotel projects will be launched here.

One of the key themes is talent mobility, not just geographically, but also across industries. To access a broader pool, employers are looking at candidates with highly transferable skills.

This is especially true in IT, finance and marketing. Candidates in these fields need to assess their professional attributes, and how they can position themselves as a unique alternative who can bring fresh perspectives and best practices from other businesses into the tourism industry. There are challenges ahead, but the general view is one of optimism, presenting opportunities at all levels.

Paul Hotchan, head of hospitality, tourism and leisure (Asia-Pacific), Manpower Professional

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