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Team building

Published on Friday, 05 Mar 2010
Athena Ngai
Senior manager, human resources department
Sony Corporation of Hong Kong
Anthony Leung
Managing director, Hong Kong and Macau
FedEx Express

Athena Ngai, Senior manager, human resources department, Sony Corporation of Hong Kong

Importance of teamwork "Sony United" is our corporate culture and every Sony member is a critical part of building up a great team. We strive to foster and strengthen the team culture from management communication, employee learning and development, corporate social responsibility programmes to recreational activities.  

Team building "Sony United" starts from the top. Our corporate vision and goals are shared in management communication meetings and managers' forums.

Management direction and business updates are well communicated to employees from "Message from Managing Director".

With a good understanding of business direction and challenges across the company, managers are able to lead the teams to work towards common goals.  

Activities Apart from managers' communication, LINK Session, launched in 2009, is the communication channel for employees to express ideas that can improve the company.

We stress great teamwork through building strong leadership and encourage managers to participate in leadership and motivation programmes, and to develop themselves as great team builders.

Our corporate volunteer team - "Rainbow Team" - promotes corporate social responsibility and volunteering among Sony members. It provides opportunities for us to contribute to the community and build up strong team spirit throughout service projects.  

Feedback We organise company-wide recreational and educational programmes for employees and their family members, such as African drum workshops, war games, company tours and an environmental day.

Our employees from different departments are energised and united. The overall participation rate is always more than 95 per cent.

Anthony Leung, Managing director, Hong Kong and Macau, FedEx Express

Importance of teamwork Collaboration is a key building block for successful business at FedEx. Without it we cannot fulfil our Purple Promise, which is our commitment to make every FedEx experience outstanding.

Team building To motivate employees  and build team spirit, we try to create and maintain an environment that brings out the best in everyone.

We encourage professional growth  by upholding long-standing practices of developing talent from within, maintaining open channels of dialogue and rewarding excellent performance.  

Activities We use community level corporate social responsibility initiatives to create platforms for employees to work across teams and share ideas around something they care dearly about.

Collectively these approaches forge strong bonds between employees and a healthy working environment.

This year, FedEx launched the first hybrid truck in Hong Kong, deployed the FedEx 777 freighter in Shanghai, and completed the milestone mission of bringing pandas from the United States home to China. These are all examples of careful planning and concerted effort by the entire FedEx team.

The diversity of responsibilities andexpertise necessary to bring each one of  these projects to fruition shows the importance of fostering a collaborative environment  that facilitates seamless integration  between teams.

Feedback Our employees say team building helps improve work efficiency, enhances trust between one another and raises team spirit. As a result, FedEx has been listed as one of Fortune magazine's Best Companies to Work For in 11 of the past 12 years.

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