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Team spirit and good attitude

Published on Friday, 24 Jun 2011

Ms B's Cakery, the upmarket cake shop based in Noho, Central, is hiring a cake decorator, a baker, a sales manager and support staff.

The bakery, set up by Bonnie Gokson (below centre) - better known from the world of fashion - currently has 15 employees.

Gokson says it is not easy to recruit the right staff in the hospitality industry. However, she keeps to her high standards.

"I like to hire staff with an open attitude, and who are willing to share their views and learn. We need positivity, enthusiasm and passion in our work, as the day can be long and tiring. Team spirit with a good attitude is a must, but not someone chitty-chatty who would distract others."

Gokson's "dream sales manager" should be savvy, responsible and experienced, have good contacts with a broad base of individuals and corporates, and creative to invent new opportunities. Grooming, manners and good English are also important.

Cake decorators are particularly difficult to find. Gokson says her cakes should be tasty with real flavours and texture but also look like a stunning art piece. "Practice makes perfect, of course. The more years of experience, the better it is. But it is about talent as well. Training of the eye is so important. Sometimes less is more, and that takes training [to see]."

The baker and cake decorator need to pass a trade test, which may take an afternoon to a full day.


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