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Team spirit vital to company success

Published on Friday, 01 Apr 2011

Teamwork is one of the most important factors contributing to a company's success. It is essential that people work in harmony and share a common vision.

A non-cohesive team is a serious handicap for any organisation.

Teamwork is one of the guiding principles at The Mira Hong Kong where we seek to create a spirit of unity, understanding and co-operation among our employees.


We organise monthly gatherings with the aim of enhancing communication between management and team members [or employees]. The activities give the management an opportunity to update colleagues on the latest developments in the company.

During these gatherings we also celebrate

the birthdays of our staff and present the "star

of the month" award, as ways of showing appreciation to our employees and fostering their loyalty.

Leisure activities are arranged each month, such as soccer matches, day tours, barbecues and hiking.

These activities - which are called "Mira Play Group" - provide an opportunity for our employees to share good moments and have fun together, while also strengthening their bonds in an environment other than the workplace.

We also organise activities for the management.

For example, in their team-building outing scheduled for May or June, participants will learn more about how to foster team spirit through various activities and are expected to pass on the philosophy to their colleagues.


Building teamwork among employees is challenging, especially for a new and young hotel like The Mira Hong Kong. Our team members come from different backgrounds and corporate cultures, and vary in the way they communicate.

It is not easy for them to get along right away when they initially join us. Differences in age and education background also pose difficulties to building teams.

Understanding the importance of teamwork, we have created a mix of values and practices, which are shared between our employees. "The Mira Way", through which team members share the same motto, values, vision and guiding principles, and strive towards the same goal, is what makes us unique.


Feedback and results

We are glad to note that the feedback and the results have been positive. The policies and activities introduced to cultivate team spirit have helped enhance communication among employees, contribute to a clear and transparent management direction, and create a harmonious working atmosphere.

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