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The 'real' reason for quitting my job

Published on Saturday, 07 Dec 2013


Hi, I have a question here.

I have been working in the administration of the education field since graduation.

I am not really satisfied with the department I am currently working in.

The management does not seek for improvement. All the work flow stays the same even many of the colleagues complained.

They have poor management skills. They think they are senior and do not respect their supervisee. It is common to hear them yelling at others.

I think I can’t stand of it any more. I want to quit.

If I am going to find a new job, when asked about the reasons of leaving the department, can I frankly tell the interviewer that I am not happy with the management skills of my supervisors?

If it is not appropriate to tell the true reasons, I am just headache to think how to answer this question.

Can you give me some advice?