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Time has come to find the perfect match

Published on Thursday, 06 May 2010
"We are a bridge between job-seekers and employers"
Stanley Suen
Director, Recruitment Services, SCMP

Are you fed up with endlessly sending out resumes and cover letters but not hearing back from prospective employers or being called for interviews?

Now is your chance to meet recruiters face-to-face and present your best self to them - without having to submit a resume to the company in advance. The Recruitment Services team of the South China Morning Post  is organising a networking event, entitled "Job Speed Dating", on May 26 to connect job-seekers with experienced recruiters.

The "matchmaking" event, one of the first in Hong Kong, will feature prestigious companies, including Centaline and the SCMP, that are looking for talent to join their sales and marketing departments.

Stanley Suen, director of the SCMP's Recruitment Services, says the innovative design of "Job Speed Dating" leverages his team's extensive database of job-seekers and well-established connections with recruiters from companies.

"We are a bridge between job-seekers and employers. It is our responsibility to help them find one another," he says. "We are breaking the convention of job searches - that often start with sending in a resume and is followed by a job interview - by skipping the first stage and offering opportunities for job hunters and recruiters to meet one another directly, right away."

Suen says that while traditional practices remain effective for the majority of positions, employers and job-seekers may find the "shortcut" useful when it comes to certain types of roles in particular industries. "Where a company needs to hire on a large-scale, or within a short period of time, it's in their interests to meet job applicants in person without first having to spend hours screening resumes," Suen says, adding that time is of the essence in a global economy where everything moves so fast.

Event participants will have  the opportunity to chat with representatives from hiring companies to learn more about the positions the firms are recruiting for, and the attributes they look for in candidates, and develop a better understanding of the company's culture, among other things.

Job-seekers will also be able to "strut their stuff" to potential employers by highlighting their strengths and successes, and explaining how they can contribute to the particular role and the company in general.

There is no need for participants to bring their resumes. Employers who would like to follow up with them will ask the organiser for a copy of their career history.

Job-seekers will be asked to upload their resume when they sign up for the event at promotions.scmp.com/Jobspeeddating.

The event welcomes ambitious job-seekers who are interested in landing sales and marketing positions.

Register now for the not-to-be-missed opportunity and find your perfect match at work.

Date May 26

Time 6pm-8pm

Venue Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

Registration promotions.scmp.com/Jobspeeddating

Application deadline May 24

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