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Tips on writing a job application letter


1. 有否突出個人的優點 (stress your strengths)
大家可能以為會計文員的工作都是千篇一律,沒有甚麼特別,所以只是把自己的學歷及工作經驗等寫出來。如果是這樣的話,那和簡歷又有甚麼分別呢? 其實即使是會計文員,也要從多角度思考,想想自己有甚麼地方比其他求職者優勝,才可以得到招聘者的青睞。試想如果是大機構,第一個看這封求職信的都不是會計部門的人,而是人力資源部。他們不一定很熟悉一些會計上的術語,重視的可能是其他能吸引眼球的地方。請參考右面一封申請會計文員的求職信例子。

2. 是否為個別職位和僱主而寫 (customised for the post and employer)
雖然求職者會寄出很多信,申請的職位也類似,但千萬不可用同一封信。當然要有一份基本的文稿,然後根據每一個招聘廣告中列出的工作範疇 (job specifications),以及要求的資歷及經驗等 (qualifications, experiences required and etc.) 來作出修改,為每一份工作度身設計一封不同的求職信。不妨引用招聘廣告中所用的字眼,來說明自己各方面為何適合擔當這份工作。


Dear Human Resources Manager,

Re: Application of the Position of Accounting Clerk

I would like to apply for the position of an Accounting Clerk with ABC Company as advertised on on 5 March 2013. As a skilled professional with a solid accounting background and ability to work effectively in a team environment, I am certain that my qualifications and related experience can bring benefit to your organisation.

My organisational skills and ability to multitask will help me perform my work duties effectively. I am highly skilled in maintaining accounting journals, ledgers and other accounting support tasks. Besides, I also have a demonstrated ability to perform reconciliations and other accounting functions in a timely and efficient manner. The need to be conservative in an accounting position is considered a virtue and I possess this virtue in its excellence as I believe it is a credit to the company I work for. I am confident in my ability to become a good team member of ABC Company.

Looking forward to having a meeting with you so that I can discuss with you my suitability for the job. My resume is attached for your reference. If you need any supplementary information, please call me at 1234 5678.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


請注意以上求職信的內容,並沒有提及具體的學歷 (name of university or degree) 和實際的工作經驗 (job titles of previous jobs or companies worked for)。 這有別於傳統教科書的說法,而是提出對一個會計文員要求的其他特質,包括organisational skills、ability to multitask、conservative mindset及team work等。 這只是一些拋磚引玉的例子,當然也要看申請機構的規模等,來選擇適合的特質,大家不難從招聘廣告中看出來。

Happy job hunting!