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Too old to start again?

Question :

Dear Doctor,

I am in my 43, with MEngg - Mech & over 20 years of R&D in engineering field (mostly managerial) experience with PRC exposure.

I am recently unemployed and find I could hardly find a vacancy matched as most of them required very low salary (less than 30K per month).

I don't mind to get these experience from junior post like accountant or whatever and cutting half of my current salary. I just afraid my age is too old to compete these job.

Would it be more easier to can these type of job through headhunter. As I think the recruiter will simply throw away my CV with their first glance of my date of birth.

So what should I do ?

Posted by Engineer on Thursday, 11 Oct 2012

Comments :


Posted Tuesday 27th November 2012 09:20:00 PM


One thing to think about is what have you achieved during your managerial experience accumulated over the last 20 years. Is it something you still want to do. What are the things that you have dreamt of doing and have succeeded, or not succeeded yet? What makes you wake up in the morning and say "Yes, I am going for it. No matter what it takes" Planning ahead what you want to do and where you want to go will be better than having no plan. What is it you want to achieve in this lifetime?

Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Thursday 1st November 2012 07:39:00 PM


I appreciate that searching for a new role while being unemployed can be very difficult and frustrating. There are a number of recommendations that I would like to share to help you with your job search. Firstly, you need to focus your search in your key skills areas and at your level of experience. Taking a substantial pay cut will not assist your job search as you will end up applying to roles that you are over qualified for. Often employers will not interview such candidates, as it raises a range of questions including ‘Will the person remain motivated to stay in the role for an extended period of time?’. Furthermore, it is important that you apply to roles where you have prior experience. Employers want candidates who have the skills and experience to fulfill the role. If you have a background in R&D, trying to move into a junior accounting role is not making good use of your 20 years of experience. I believe it is important that you use a mixture of approaches to assist your job search. This should include registering with a select number of recruitment firms that are specialists in your area of experience, using social media like LinkedIn and your existing network of people you know and have worked with in the past. Attending relevant networking events in the engineering area can also assist in getting to know new people who might be aware of potential job opportunities. It is also important to consistently monitor recruitment publications and online job boards and focus your search on the roles that match your experience and skills. If your personal circumstances allow it, I would recommend keeping your options open on relocating for work as this can widen the scope of opportunities available. Finally, ensure your CV is clear, concise and highlights your skills set and experience. During an interview, it is important to remain positive and sell your experience to the interviewer.

SHAM Sai Wah

Posted Tuesday 30th October 2012 09:14:00 PM


Please ask yourself a question: Will you hire someone with intensive engineering background for the post of accountant ?? It is NOT related to what starting point for a post of TOTALLY different job nature !!?? Sam


Posted Saturday 13th October 2012 02:54:00 PM


Focus on R&D commercialization and acquisition may open up new opportunities for you ! Big companies are now buying small and innovative companies to boast their product line, to get more positive exposure and strengthen their brand image. After all, a brand name can worth a lot of money !

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