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Top prize for top salespeople

Published on Thursday, 28 Jun 2012
Rayson Chan

Now in its 44th year, the Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA) organised by the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) once again puts to the test the old cliché that a good salesperson can sell sand in the desert.

“The DSA does more than give recognition to successful salespersons for their achievements – it helps salespeople enhance their careers and reputations,” says Rayson Chan, chairman of the HKMA DSA Organising Committee.

He says the award also helps improve the quality of salesmanship in Hong Kong, and builds up the image of selling and marketing as a prestigious profession.
In addition to recognising the individual achievements of salespersons, Chan says the high standard of entrants indicates the level of importance companies place on sales training.

“We see this reflected through the quality of the candidates. It shows that companies understand the need to invest in quality sales training,” says Chan. “This can only be achieved when management, human resources and training departments work together to build a strong team spirit and a robust sales culture,” he adds.

Chan believes that by supporting DSA candidates and celebrating their successes, firms demonstrate their commitment to employees, which can help retain top talent. “Salary increases and bonuses are some of the ways of recognising successes, but public recognition of achievement is also very important to strengthen the bond between companies and their employees,” says Chan, who is also an investment consultant with Citibank (Hong Kong).

He says that during the judging process, participants are tested on their product knowledge and required to make a sales presentation to a panel of expert judges. They are also asked to make a short sales presentation to a target audience, based on a random product selected by the panel.

“Because entrants are unfamiliar with the product, the judges are looking for the creativity and interpersonal skills it requires to make a sale,” says Chan, who notes the DSA is judged independently by a panel of experts and industry personalities spanning different industry and market sectors.

As part of the competition, participants also face an in-depth question-and-answer session where they are presented with probing queries. “Entrants need to be well-prepared because standards are high and participants face some tough questioning,” says Chan, who notes the panel of judges was impressed with the standard of mainland entrants representing companies there with outlets in Hong Kong.

Drawing attention to other benefits the award programme offers, Chan says contestants have the opportunity to learn from each other. “The award programme provides a platform for sales professionals from different industries to interact and share insights,” he says. “There is a great opportunity for participants to gather ‘outside-the-box thinking’ from different markets and apply them to their own industries.”

Chan says while the standards in this year’s competition were high, in a few cases the judges voiced a minor criticism. “Where companies had more than one entrant, the judges noted some of the presentations used the same style and seemed a little bit formulaic or scripted. They didn’t feel the participants’ true personalities came through as well as it could have,” says Chan, who stresses that the Hong Kong sales industry sets a benchmark for the region.

Like other sales experts, Chan says technology is having a major impact on the sales profession. “Salespeople have been quick to use technology tools such as iPads to make the presentation of products more interesting,” he says.

Meanwhile, as consumers also use the internet to research product prices and performance, Chan says it is vital salespeople completely know and understand their market and who their competitors are.

Offering advice to anyone interested in joining or further developing their career in the sales industry, Chan says it is important that individuals are resilient. “Salespeople need to be tough and proactive, and whatever the economic environment, they need to drive sales revenues,” he says.

Chan says while it is important to be knowledgeable about products, another hallmark of a good salesperson is the ability to listen to customers and find creative ways to increase business. It is also vital for Hong Kong sales professionals to improve their Putonghua and learn more about mainland culture.

“Learning more about mainland preferences, market news and trends, which can vary slightly from the local market, can help facilitate sales,” says Chan, who believes a sales career offers a sense of accomplishment and pride with each new sale.


Outstanding Young Salesperson Award

AIA (Bermuda)

Karena Lei Ka-in

Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Ng Pui-ki

China Construction Bank (Asia) 

Ivan Ngan Kai-kong

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery 

Wong Siu-kit

Citibank (Hong Kong)

Shirley Tang Hiu-hung

CITIC Telecom International CPC

Avery Lo Chun-him

Michelle Leung Woon-yan

(DCH) Guangdong Dachanghang Nissan Motor Trade

Li Lianjuan

(DCH) Guangzhou Zhongxie Motor Trading

Zeng Jiawei

Xie Yuequan

Hong Kong Broadband Network

Ivan Ko Chi-yung

Lip Tsz-wing

Hong Kong Property Services (Agency) 

David Wong Tin-ngai


Catherine KW Sin

Sam CH Lai

Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings

Rachel Wong Wai-ying

Evans Ho Lok-sum

New World iMedia Solutions

Yoko Lai Wing-yu

Ngong Ping 360

Wancy Ma Wing-sin

Wing Cheung Wing-man

PCCW Media

Rosanna Wong

Pricerite Stores

David Lee

Ricacorp Properties

Martin Yim Hok-kan

CK Chan Hong-yi

(DCH) Shanghai Zhongtai Motor Sales (Nanjing Branch)

Liu Hongtian

(DCH) Shantou Jiahao Automobile

Zhang Honglong 

(DCH) Shenzhen Shenye Industrial

Li Yunyun

Yan Sha

(DCH) Shenzhen Shenye Toyota Auto Sales Services

Lai Maolun

Standard Chartered Bank (HK)

Carol Chan

(DCH) Yunnan Zhongchi Motor Sales & Services

Xing Jie

(DCH) Zhongshan Lide Automobile Sales & Services

Zou Xing


Distinguished Salesperson Award

American Express International


Anthea Chau Wing-sze

Abbie Tsang Hau-heung

Bernie Lam Yat-hung

ANZ Banking Group

Andrew Lau

Eva Chan

Branda Wong

Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Lam Yin-ling

Wilson Lau Yuk-wo

Wong Hin-tseung

Centaline Financial Services

Wilfred Yiu Wai-ho

Kristy Wong On-ying

Martina So Wai-chi

Johnni He Peng-peng

Centaline Property Agency

Kurt KC Wong

Moko FY Mok

Idy SH Chan

Alex CC Choi

China Construction Bank (Asia)

Chloe Ng Wing-lam

China Enterprise Communications

Lava Lin Yi

China Telecom (Hong Kong) International

So Kit

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery

Sin Wing-kin

Lau Wai-fong

Lam Pik-mei

Citibank (Hong Kong)  

Nicky Szeto Ka-yiu

Ray Lau Ka-chuen

CITIC Telecom International CPC 

Phoebe Wu Shun-yan

Fanny Pong Chun-ling


Kit Ho Sze-yuen

Jerry Yeung Yip-fai

Terry Hung Chun-kwan

Johnny Wong Hoi-kit

Joyce Tsang Yin-ting

(DCH) Dah Chong Hong Used Car Centre 

Wong Yuen-sing

Dah Sing Bank 

Choi Nga-yan

DBS Bank (Hong Kong)  

Joey Kwok Yin-ting

Alex Tsang Pak-yu

Paul Yeung Hon-kei

Lawrence Chan Man-pui

DHL Express (Hong Kong)  

Thomas Cheng

Jacqueline Shum

Jun Poon

Henry Yung

(DCH) Guangzhou Hejun Motors Trading  

Zhou Licong

Hip Shing Hong Development 

Sandy Kwan Wai-yee

Ruby Wong Yuen-kwan

Derek Ng Kim-fung

(DCH) Honest Motors  

Li Sheung-lun

Fung Kam-keung

The Hong Kong and China Gas Co 

Louis Mok Yui-chung

Tammy Chan Man-yee

Hong Kong Broadband Network 

Tony Hau Tik-leung

Kenme Chan Pui-yan

Jesse Fung Kai-man

Hong Kong Property Services (Agency) 

Roy Lam Kam-yeung

Aaron Mak Ching-lun

Keith Wong Kit

Steven Yung Ching-yu


Tim KH Cheng

Edward SH Yiu

Vera FW Cheuk

HSBC Bank (China) 

Crystal Xu

Crystal Liu

Vivian Xue

Carol Xie

HSBC Insurance 

Alice Lau Yuet-ngor

Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings 

Matt Ho Ka-ki

Victor Chan Yeuk-fai

Efe Lee Shi-kan

(DCH) Jiangmen Hesheng Automobile Sales & Service 

Ou Jiamin

(DCH) Jiangmen Yicheng Automobile Sales & Services 

Xu Wanyu

(DCH) Kunming Lianya Toyota Motor Sales & Service 

Yang Jun

Midland IC & I

Leo Chan Yiu-cheong

Shirley Hui Shan-lee

Michelle Lau Yee-shan

Elza Wong

Katherine Wong Shuk-kit

Midland Realty International 

Larry Chau Wing-yip

Clement Lam Chun-fung

Raymond Tang Wai-ho

Alex Wong Kam-fai

New World iMedia Solutions 

Elaine Liu Chi-ning

New World Telecommunications 

Chau Pui-fung

Chris Lau Shing-wah

The Prudential Assurance Co 

Max Lim Wai-hong

The Prudential Assurance Co - Partnership Distribution Department 

Anthony Foo Kin-chung

Heidi Nam Hoi-ying

(DCH) Qujing Lianqing Auto Sales & Services 

Yang Kewei

(DCH) Reliance Motors 

Rex Chan Chung-ho

Ricacorp Properties 

Andy Shiu Kwan-hoi

Dick Ngo Tao-kui

San Miguel Brewery Hong Kong 

Penny Wong Yan-kit

(DCH) Shanghai Dah Chong Hong Bentley Motor Sales & Services  

Mao Xiaoyi

(DCH) Shenzhen Shenye Industrial Company 

Liu Jianyuan

He Xunxin

Standard Chartered Bank (HK) 

Ivan Tang

Henry Lau

Jacky Tai

Sinky Chung

Sun Life Hong Kong  

Cindy Chan Sin-lai

Phoebe Lee Yiu-man

Corey Hui Kwok-fai

UPS Parcel Delivery Service 

Dende Kan Che-wah

Vitasoy International Holdings  

Denise Chiu

W Hong Kong 

Cynthia Cheng Wing-sze

(DCH) Yunnan Liandi Auto Service  

Wang Jie

(DCH) Yunnan Zhongchi Motor Sales & Services 

Dai Chunyan

Zung Fu 

Alex Lai Shui-ming

Vincent Chen Siu-kei

Fabian Lai Yiu-lun

Sam Lam Hok-wang

Andrew Yeung Chi-hung

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