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Towering ambitions

Published on Monday, 03 Mar 2014
Property-management professionals must have a drive to improve the community and housing environment.
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Anthony Yau
Cora Yuen

Responsible graduates can rise to the top in property management

University students and young graduates with a keen interest in building a career in the property-management industry will be able to put together a good foundation of knowledge at the Classified Post Career Forum.

Cora Yuen, president of the Hong Kong Institute of Housing (HKIH) - a professional body involved in the co-ordination and execution of all types of housing services - stresses that youngsters must be ready to learn and seek advice from seasoned professionals who can share experiences.

"We are here at the forum not only to promote the property-management industry, but also to be a resource for in-depth information so young people can gain a better understanding of the importance of our field and better prepare themselves," she says.

The HKIH, which was incorporated in 1988, has a membership base of more than 2,800 professionals who are responsible for the management of over 70 per cent of all of the housing stock in Hong Kong.

"We look for young people with mediation skills and a drive to improve the community and housing environment," Yuen says. "Students should know whether their backgrounds and personality are right for the property-management profession. The forum gives them a chance to assess if they are suitable."

Anthony Yau, chairman of the external affairs committee at HKIH, echoes this sentiment. The reality of the property-management industry, he says, is that young people must not only prepare academically, but also have the right mindset, drive and commitment to the job.

"We want graduates to understand how their personalities are suited to different industries. In our industry, we meet people face to face every day to tell them about our services or handle disputes, so staff must have strong communication skills and good emotional intelligence," he says.

"They also need to be knowledgeable in other fields - such as finance, to prepare budgets - and have an understanding of the legal system. With this awareness, young people can visualise their career path in property management and choose related courses and traineeships to prepare themselves."

Having a chance to make a powerful, personal first impression on industry leaders at the Career Forum will be crucial for jobseekers hoping to meet future employers.

"We look for people with a strong sense of independence and responsibility. They should have the confidence and courage to face challenges head-on," Yuen says.

"We also seek people who show multicultural sensitivities and awareness, as staff must interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Lastly, we look for people who can communicate clearly and are friendly."

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