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Town planning and property development professionals

Planning & Development Surveyors provide a comprehensive range of professional services in town planning and property development from project inception to project completion:-

1) Development Feasibility Study/Project Positioning
*Providing clients with necessary site research and detailed planning and development analysis,
*Recommending the appropriate mixed use of land and the optimal scale and phasing of development with a view to maximizing project return,
*Advice on costs and sources of finance together with implications on project reward and risks.

2) Land Administration Input
*Specializing in interpretation of lease conditions and advice on compliance with the lease conditions and/or any modifications to the lease conditions required,
* Submitting application to Lands Department for modification (for surrender and re-grant) and negotiating with Government on the lease terms and conditions together with land premium.

3) Town Planning Applications
 * Advice on zoning implications and strategy to submit planning applications, review and appeal and co-ordinate with other professional experts to prepare necessary technical impact assessments to support the planning application.

4) Development Project Management
* Property development requires a wide range of input from a development team supported by professionals from various disciplines such as architects, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, quantitative surveyors, etc.
* Setting a right development team to co-ordinate the progress and in the course of project development.

5) Project Evaluation
* Carry out continual evaluation of the development process,
* Focusing on the actual cash flow and outflow as well as more accurate forecast on future income and expenditure into a financial model,
* A regular review of the property trends to ensure to meet clients requirements and expectations.

However, regarding the future employment opportunities, in public sector, planning and development surveyors may find job opportunities in government or NGOs where needs planning and development professionals. Most the NGOs need to employ planning and development professionals for their future projects which may involve town planning application and modification of lease conditions and terms together with land premium assessments. In private sector, they have a good opportunities to work in property developers, planning and development consulting firms which may also involve the aforesaid job details and planning and development analysis, feasibility study, project positioning, financial analysis and project development co-ordination etc.

Furthermore, there are lot of opportunities in Mainland China. Since most of the projects in Mainland, both in first tier cities and even in second and third tier cities are mega projects, they need to employ planning and development surveyors to do the planning and development analysis, feasibility study, project positioning,  financial analysis and project development co-ordination etc.. 

At the meantime, there is no professional and formal training in Mainland for planning and development discipline. Recently, our Division has helped Shanghai Tongji University to organize a Bachelor Degree in Planning and Development since the said University thinks there is keen demand for planning and development professionals now and future.