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Training - part and parcel of UPS job

Hong Kong's logistics industry is thriving, with government statistics showing that the city's total imports and exports of goods in 2011 surged 7.4 per cent and 8.1 per cent year-on-year to HK$271.8 billion and HK$320.7 billion, respectively.

Sustaining the industry's success is a dedicated workforce teeming with enthusiastic individuals who are independent thinkers with analytical minds - attributes much sought after by UPS Hong Kong.

The local branch of the global logistics service firm has kick-started its latest campaign to hire service providers, industrial engineers and hub operators in support of its core operations, according to Rocky Chen, human resources manager at UPS Hong Kong and Macau. "We are seeking suitable candidates for departments such as sales, finance, marketing, customer service and human resources," he says. "These openings include new head counts generated from business expansion and replacements."

While the requirements of specific educational qualifications and relevant experiences vary with individual positions, UPS welcomes candidates who are passionate, and are interested in a career in the logistics industry.

"A suitable candidate should be analytical, independent and a good team player, valuing diversity, equality, innovation and contributions to local communities. Also, it is crucial that our employees are flexible and able to adapt to change," Chen says.

The service providers at UPS Hong Kong are responsible for picking up and delivering packages safely and quickly to customers across the city.

The company's hub operations staff manage and sort packages arriving and exiting the Hong Kong International Airport, Chen says.

"Based on the final destinations of the individual packages, the hub operations staff direct the packages to the relevant operating facilities," he adds.

Account executives communicate with customers to understand their needs and assist them in achieving their business goals by recommending the best UPS solutions.

Industrial engineers are equipped with a thorough understanding of UPS operations to develop the best way to maximise efficiency, Chen notes.

Committed to developing its employees, UPS Hong Kong has in place comprehensive training programmes tailored to their needs. New hires receive introductory training in which representatives from all departments help them understand the company's corporate culture, products and services.

The "Buddy Programme" matches each newcomer with a mentor, while cross-functional training sessions mix employees from different teams to make improvements, building up a strong foundation for the company. The Management Leadership programme is a six-day workshop for newly promoted, recently hired and newly acquired managers.

UPS also embraces a "promotion from within" policy, Chen adds.