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Travel firm hopes to hire graduates

Published on Friday, 04 Jun 2010
Photo: David Wong

A sure sign of a recovering economy is when bookings for inbound and outbound travel surge. Thanks to an increase in business, EGL Tours is looking to hire between 60 and 80 university graduates this year to cope with the upturn in bookings, and to support expansion plans.

The company is organising a series of briefing sessions for students and their parents. One takes place today.

"We want to hire young people who are passionate about tourism and will fit in with our corporate culture," says Steve Huen, executive director of EGL Tours. "Parents are welcome to attend, so that they can understand more about us. Family support is important." 

New hires will receive an initial three months of training to give them knowledge of international destinations, what the company offers and EGL's computer system. Where necessary, recruits must also take exams to obtain licences to become tour escorts and handle travel insurance. In most cases, the company will pay for exam fees.

Tour guides can expect to lead long-haul overseas trips within two or three years. They can choose the region they prefer, and the company will also finance language courses for up to six months.

"For example, if someone wants to specialise in package tours to Japan, we believe he or she will benefit from living there for a time to understand the people and culture," Huen says.

Alternatively, employees can opt for back-office positions that focus instead on branch management and product development.

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