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Ways to boost competitiveness through further studies?

Question :


I graduated with a business degree and a masters degree in management in a well-known overseas university. I am now working in a marketing agency. Given that my academic background is a bit different to what I am working now, I am planning to take part-time courses to develop better skills in the field. 
However I understand that experience is seen as more important than qualifications in the advertising world, I am struggling if I should take extra courses? As I already got a postgraduate degree but only 1 year work experience, the additional qualifications may not be seen as competitive for employers, but overqualified, is that true?

If I really do take up additional part time education, should I consider marketing communications or translation courses? Or should I wait until I have enough work experience to take up PMP certification exams or MBA? Which one do you think is more useful for a role in managing brand communications projects?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 16 Jan 2014

Comments :

Mark Enticott - Career Doctor

Posted Monday 10th February 2014 06:02:00 PM


It is great that you have a business and also a Masters Degree in Management and it sounds like you are enjoying the work that you are doing in the marketing area. Before pursuing additional studies, it is most important that you plan out where you want your career to progress to in the next five years. Once you have greater clarity on what you want to achieve, it is good to talk to people who are doing the roles that you want to develop into and get their opinions on what will help you make the next steps. As part of this, it is worth seeking their views on additional studies and if they believe this will be beneficial to your career progression. Outside of career progression, some people want to further their studies because they personally like to develop themselves even though this may not be related to their work. You also mentioned about doing an MBA or PMP. An MBA is more relevant once you have a certain amount of experience. Over the years, there are only certain senior level management roles where I have seen an MBA provide an advantage to a person. Therefore, you need to assess the reason why you might consider an MBA and what you are trying to achieve by doing this. In relation to PMP, this is related to project management and I cannot see the connection to improving your skills in your current field. Ultimately hands on experience in marketing is key for your future career progression.

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