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Ways to boost competitiveness through further studies?



I graduated with a business degree and a masters degree in management in a well-known overseas university. I am now working in a marketing agency. Given that my academic background is a bit different to what I am working now, I am planning to take part-time courses to develop better skills in the field. 
However I understand that experience is seen as more important than qualifications in the advertising world, I am struggling if I should take extra courses? As I already got a postgraduate degree but only 1 year work experience, the additional qualifications may not be seen as competitive for employers, but overqualified, is that true?

If I really do take up additional part time education, should I consider marketing communications or translation courses? Or should I wait until I have enough work experience to take up PMP certification exams or MBA? Which one do you think is more useful for a role in managing brand communications projects?

Thanks for your help in advance!