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Wealth manager builds bonds

Published on Friday, 05 Apr 2013
Andrew Wong
Photo: K. Y. Cheng

With his strong head for numbers, Andrew Wong Ka-kit, vice-president of Success Wealth Management, was always going fit in well with the world of finance. He believes that he can achieve anything by putting his mind to it and works hard to take care of and increase the wealth of his clients. “A job in finance allows me to make good use of my skills to help others meet the challenges of an ever-changing, dynamic world,” he says.

Wong’s primary responsibility is to his clients and their finances. “I listen to my clients’ concerns, worries and desires and I try to understand their needs from their point of view,” he says. “I also put a lot of effort into studying the market. I study finance news and trends, lay out different investment portfolios and strategies, and subject them to different market scenarios, based on my clients’ existing wealth. I also perform statistical analyses in terms of the return rates and risk mitigation of each possible strategy. Finally I watch the market closely for opportunities and strike with the optimal strategy for bringing out the maximum gain for my clients’ investment.”

He finds satisfaction and a sense of achievement in using his analysis and risk-management skills to help his clients grow their wealth. “I enjoy my work because I like helping others solve problems, achieve their personal dreams and expand their existing wealth. I also get to know a lot of different people through my job,” he says.

He adds that because wealth management is a purely client-driven industry, practitioners need to show a great deal of patience and have good listening skills. He finds, however, that nowadays these elements are mostly lacking in not just the financial industry, but service-related industries as a whole.

He advises those interested in the industry to put clients first. “Listen to their needs and wants and try to understand things from their perspective. Be considerate, responsible and reliable. These are the things it takes to build solid relationships with clients and earn their trust. If clients trust your investment decisions, they will leave their hard-earned money in your hands worry-free,” he says.

Looking ahead, Wong hopes to expand his client base overseas, particularly on the mainland, where the finance industry is just beginning to take off.

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