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What to include in your job application

You have seen the job you want and you are keen to make a good first impression with your application to secure an interview. So what are the key points you should cover?

A good place to start is to write a great cover letter talking about what you would bring to the company, role and opportunity. Link your skills and work experience to why you are suitable for the job by including a few achievements from your last two roles that show how you added value to the organisations.

Demonstrate why you are the right person for the vacancy by being clear on how you can potentially solve the position's problems and challenges. Also, state your motivation for applying and use your cover letter to show personality, curiosity and an interest in the field. Close the letter strongly by explaining briefly how your experience and skills will help you excel at the job.

It is also essential to have an up-to-date CV. It doesn't matter how experienced or qualified you are, if your CV is poorly presented or badly written, you are going to have trouble getting an interview. So update it and your online profile, and include examples of how you have contributed to your employer's workplace. Obviously, you will also need to make your CV relevant to the job you are applying for.

Finally, stay on top of industry trends to demonstrate that as your industry moves forward, you are moving forward with it. Join an industry body and get involved in online conversations.

Better still, you can show your passion for your particular specialisation by blogging about the latest trends. This will highlight your expertise to a potential employer and show them you are a strong candidate.


Christine Wright is managing director of Hays in Asia