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Who said that print is dead?

Published on Thursday, 22 Sep 2011

Since April, permanent recruitment in the media, public relations and advertising markets has remained strong. Among others, the publishing industry is seen to have been particularly noteworthy in its unrelenting search for editors and sales people. Many companies are now offering a greater number of freelance roles, creating a wider market for those who require temporary, contract-based positions.

There is often a very high turnover in publishing, especially within the sales department, and in terms of employment, it is one of the fastest-moving industries. Pay trends in the industry are relatively attractive, and sales employees are usually paid good commissions and bonuses. These trends are expected to continue or increase as employers see the need to retain top talent.

Knowledge in new media is an asset but transferable skills more so. Candidates should explore and demonstrate carefully the skills they have gathered through previous job and life experiences.

Despite much negative coverage within the finance sector, research shows that recruitment for print publishing will continue, with an increasing number of job opportunities – and employers will be open to upping the salaries of the most talented. This year and the beginning of 2012 is a good time to make a career move.

Elaine Khoo, recruitment services director, TalentSEARCH ASIA


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