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Why is it so hard to get into HK's sports field?

Question :

To Whom this concern,

I have been job hunting since graduated in November 2013 with a Master degree in Sports and Leisure Management. I also done a Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure (Community development) with working experience as a university lab coordinator and research assistant in Canada before I came back to Hong Kong for Postgraduate study. I also worked few years as clerk and administrator for a S.M.E. before I went to Canada. I have been sending out over 300 job applications email and mails to sports associations, sporting clubs and any sports field related jobs and social services etc. However, I have not hear anything back from them and even I tried follow up - still no reply. They keep posting their same position job ad for openings and I am wondering are those fake ads?

Yours faithfully,


Posted by Roy on Monday, 24 Feb 2014

Comments :

Dear Roy I can feel your frustration and I’m sorry you are finding it so difficult to get a job in the sports field. I’ll answer your question first and then we can discuss strategy. I don’t believe the ads are fake. There are several reasons why you may not be hearing back. The ability to post jobs on line and receive applications from interested parties all over the world is great but there are obvious problems. Often the agency posting an ad has possibly one person in recruitment and they may receive many CVs and lack the time or the skill set to effectively sort and follow up on the applications. After a few days, your CV falls down the list and the recruiter has missed you. Also, the ad may not be accurately outlining the skills and competencies needed for the role. The hirer may “know it when they see it” but it may not be clear in the ad. The key to success is partly in your ability to get past this first layer and create an opportunity to speak by phone or in person with the hiring manager. Easier said than done! Connections are very important. For every job ad you respond to, seek out a contact that may be a friend of a friend, an on-line networked contact, an alumni from your school, or a former colleague, and try and get insight into the role, the hiring manager and how you might enhance your chances of getting an interview. In the meantime, go to the career office of your University and ask for help in getting a job in your field. Have the office help you evaluate your CV and the message you are sending. Approach a professor with strong ties to your industry and ask for introductions. Also, tap into the alumni network of your school and program of study and get help there. Finally, try and break out of the pack. Why don’t you create a short (1 minute) video about why you are passionate about Sports and Leisure Management, or create an advertising piece about yourself that is eye catching. Send your personal marketing collateral to the next contact you really want to attract. Identify a really successful person in your field and think about how to get that person’s attention. In short, enhance the methods you use to get attention. Spend some time reaching out beyond advertisements and into your network, while selectively advertising yourself, I think you will have better luck.

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